Lynn, I understand this year, you’re giving thanks to TikTok.

That’s right. I actually found a use for the app that didn’t involve me sitting there in a trance swiping and swiping with drool.

But, you know how they make everything look easy with those quick edits? Yeah, everything’s not easy.

Lynn Martinez: “OK, for Thanksgiving in our home, we like to get Christmas started.”

So this year we’re gonna make something I’ve never made before.

Lynn Martinez: “We’re gonna make peppermint shot glasses. I saw this on a TikTok and it looks so easy.”

You need a silicone mold and a bag of peppermint candy.

Lynn Martinez: “The recipe said that you could put this in the oven but it’s rubber, how’s that gonna work? I hope there’s no fire, do we even have a fire extinguisher? OK, so 350.”

While the oven is warming, shove the candy in the mold. I mean, guess.

Lynn Martinez: “Again, TikTok says it works.

I just guessed and put like five mints in each

Lynn Martinez: “So our concoction is ready for the oven. Let’s see if the silicone catches fire. It’s been 24 minutes and I can smell smoke, so I think we should take them out. That looks horrible.”


Lynn Martinez: “It’s a debacle. I don’t think we can save this. Well, OK, here’s the good news, it’s good to try new things, right? And as a baker, you improve through every mistake.”

Whatever, time to save this. Stuff more candy in.

Lynn Martinez: “Round two. Trying to resurrect.”

Time now for some anger release.

Lynn Martinez: “‘They turn out so festive and cute,’ not really, lady.”

Alright, take round two out of the oven.

Lynn Martinez: “Now, TikTok didn’t say put in the freezer but that’s what we’re gonna do.”

20 minutes later…

Lynn Martinez: “Oh, it does work.”

Twist and pop those suckers out.

Lynn Martinez: “They’re not stunning, but I think they’ll hold some liquid.”

Perfect to toast the holidays with some fresh kale juice.

Lynn Martinez: “Those look so goodish. Cheers. Happy Thanksgiving.”

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