Residents at a condo community turned to 7 investigates to get their pool repaired and reopened.

They thought the situation was solved, but it turned out there was an even bigger problem lurking beneath the surface.

7’s Karen Hensel investigates.

People living at this condo complex in Oakland Park say the condition of their pool has gone from bad to worse.

Lisa, condo owner: “It bothers me a lot and it makes me really scared because anybody could have lost their life here.”

When 7 investigates first visited “Azul at Kimberly Lake” over the summer, the pool had been closed a few times in the past year.

William Cipriani, condo owner: “I mean there are ducks, you know, defecating in it. There are algae growing.”

The property management company seemed to get things back in order after our story aired.

Water quality issues were corrected and inspectors allowed the pool to reopen.

Condo owner William Cipriani says it didn’t last long.

William Cipriani: “So now it’s closed again.”

William called 7 Investigates last month after discovering there was a bigger problem at the pool.

It had been lurking just below the surface for months.

William Cipriani: “And from what I’m told, anyone swimming in the pool or grabbing the ladder could have been electrocuted!”

Public records show the pool was cited by Oakland Park Code Enforcement on January 28th. Six months before our first story.

The citation says a pool pump was installed without a permit… And it created an electrical concern.

The city tells 7News, “When pool pump equipment is installed’ it ‘requires an electrical permit’ to ‘ensure the electricity powering the pump is grounded properly.'”

Although the violation was issued back in January, residents say they just recently found out about it.

William Cipriani: “The residents that I know are absolutely fed up, especially now.”

The association has been fined $24,500 dollars, and it “continues to accrue.”

We asked the association president and its management company when the pool would be repaired, and how the fine would be resolved.

The manager said, “Azul at Kimberly Lake has no comment.”

Residents pay about $350 a month in association fees.

They know they could now be on the hook for the fine, as well as the cost to repair the pool.

Lisa: “And now them having to tear up the pavers, which they did a year less than a year ago to do it again, it costs us more money.”

William Cipriani: “Now the whole thing has to be dug up because the pool pump was not grounded.”

Owners wonder if they will be assessed again to re-do the pavers. And question when the pool will finally open.

But say it’s hard to get answers when board meetings are almost impossible to attend.

William Cipriani: “They hold association meetings in the middle of the day so nobody can attend them.”

Owners say if they don’t get answers soon. They may have to file a complaint against the board.

Karen Hensel, 7News.

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