OAKLAND PARK, FLA. (WSVN) - A South Florida church was hit by vandals days before Thanksgiving, but carried on and continued to do what matters most.

Less fortunate residents of the Oakland Park community rely on church, so they’ve put matters aside, at least for a moment, to make sure everyone had a happy Thanksgiving.

“No, no one has returned Jesus yet, but we’re still hopeful,” Father Bob Caudill said.

A flock without its sheppard carried on with their mission to feed the hungry on Thanksgiving.

“It was packed at mass this morning at 9 o’clock,” Caudill said. “As soon as the mass ended, they were in line.”

The congregation at All Saints Mission Church in Oakland Park served up meals despite being hit hard earlier in the week. On Wednesday, a figurine of Jesus Christ was ripped from a crucifix that stands at the doors of the place of worship.

“I think it’s someone either they’re upset with me or they just wanted it, like it for a collection piece, and we’re going to find it somewhere,” he said.

On Thursday, volunteers were at the church, including the hungry, who were in line for the fixins, turkey, ham and even a slice of pumpkin pie.

“Anybody could become homeless, all it takes is a sickness, a loss of a job, everybody needs to eat and Father Bob has been doing this,” a volunteer said. “This December will be 34 years.”

“I didn’t realize it when I first opened the church. The first night, I had a man asking for something to eat, and all I had was a sandwich and chips and coke for me, so I gave it to him,” Caudill said. “Well the next night, the same time, he brought a friend and it just mushroomed.”

In the last 34 years, Father bob has served thousands of meals, and in that same time, the holy sanctuary has been hit with hate with an incident happening in 2018.

While the front facade of the church may be bare for the holidays, the faith and generosity inside these doors were full.

“Everytime we get a push or something negative happens, God brings it around and everybody helps us out,” Caudill said. “We’ve gotten calls all day and this morning. Several because you guys had on Channel 7. Thank you all very much.”

The church has received plenty of offers to replace the Jesus figure, but Father Caudill is hoping that the person responsible for theft will do the right thing.

“It comes around and then they apologize, so they make up,” he said.

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